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Penal Law Firm

With years of experience and commitment to the defense of our clients, the Estudio Jurídico Penal De Fazio works with a permanent professional commitment and providing all the attention that our clients deserve. We have a team of leading lawyers to defend your case.

Criminal Defense Attorney

We represent the interests of our clients, from defense and from as plaintiff or injured party .

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Our Services

Meet all the services we provide, to advice and help with any problems you have.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to prevent the helplessness of the people in the presence of coarse glove criminal law.
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Areas of Practice

Campos and legal areas of law. Our professional performance. Fields ofperformance.: Lawyers

Criminal Law:

The Legal De Fazio Studio is just a specialized legal area of criminal law and within the field of criminal law study also looms in our study criminology, criminal sociology, and execution of the sentence. Our law firm specializes in professional practice in the area of criminal law.

We know that Freedom is the second holiest Legal Well after Life, Legal Assets being that both are in constant occurrence in our daily professional work. Otrosí constantly we find criminal legal disputes centered its focus on the involvement of the Legal Real Life and Liberty.
That is why we know what we do and are suitable in personalized customer attention to time require our professional legal service because you can not untie our work, the subjective aspect that brings criminal proceedings, namely the feelings of those suffer any criminal proceedings and the vicissitudes that it brings about, finding not only acute restraint that everyone involved in a process of these characteristics deserves, but also the constant support and dedication to the task arduous deserves; to listen and understand the customer, the anguish that can generate loss of Liberty for example in the context of criminal proceedings and assist not only objectively on technical matters of defense but also subjectively as human beings who are giving us to everything the customer needs.

We all know how tedious and difficult it is to face a criminal trial, however, the Legal De Fazio Studio with personalized attention to your customer achieves almost entirely diminish the negative of the dire circumstances that the client brings to its link with the process criminal, and that we can only achieve through ourdynamic and extensive personal interviews.
The dynamic and extensive personal interviews

Only you can find in the Legal De Fazio study, because we're the only ones who since 2004 began this work and extends every day to make our customers do not suffer the negative consequences of being involved in a criminal proceeding of any legal significance . Because we know how, we are suitable and we are highly trained to provide our clients a legal service that manages to improve not only their legal status, but also their personal situation.

Each case is our priority, each legal conflict is our daily goal, and we know how together we can face it and solve it. Custom dynamic and extensive interviews feature a unique scheme that our law firm is trained to design. Consists of weekly regular meetings with clients' relatives or the same customer in case you are in Liberty, and extensive exchanges of views and designs strategies, long meetings in our courtroom within the law firm. We are a professional Buffet Letrados we know what the customer needs and we focus consciously on our primary objectives is why we apply to all our legal affairs dynamic and extensive personal interviews.

They are Custom because, as we noted, not only remain with the customer, but also within the family, in order to understand the origin of the conflict and from the sociological point of view penal power also provide deep support to it. Long meetings with family members, and the client, who should be detained, receives regular visits by our Buffet of Lawyers Professional, who never feels alone, but by others, accompanied at every moment, as well as extensive communication telephone and any mass medium of communication with the client and his family, who every day of the year receive the latest news and progress of work in the criminal case that involves, and every day they get to know the major advances in solutions criminal conflict involved.

They are dynamic and extensive interviews with them because everyday fundamental issues that can make strategy a defense of fundamental rights of the accused in criminal proceedings show through. They are dynamic because they are the same frequent and advanced corroborating data and providing ideas to the process. Spacious under its extension in time and virtually the same no pass away, but on the contrary, criminal proceedings remain unscathed even buttoned, because that way aid provided by the law firm De Fazio, what is is achieved, of avoiding a possible relapse.