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Penal Law Firm

With years of experience and commitment to the defense of our clients, the Estudio Jurídico Penal De Fazio works with a permanent professional commitment and providing all the attention that our clients deserve. We have a team of leading lawyers to defend your case.

Criminal Defense Attorney

We represent the interests of our clients, from defense and from as plaintiff or injured party
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Meet all the services we provide, to advice and help with any problems you have.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to prevent the helplessness of the people in the presence of coarse glove criminal law.
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We know it is the holiest after the life of a human being legal asset , and within the fundamental and constitutional rights we ensure to prevail above all Freedom of the client during the arduous and lengthy criminal proceedings. First of all, we know that the primacy of our work time to face a technical defense in criminal proceedings is to improve the most of the procedural situation currently leads our client if required while our Professional Legal Service.
Therefore, and since in most cases the Legal Liberty is good that affects our mprocedural godson in criminal proceedings which he is charged, is that warrant the use of all necessary means designed to achieve their freedom. Otrosí, the Legal De Fazio study does not rest all his work to achieve one of the main objectives that concern every day to our customers, namely their freedom .

Is that our team of Lawyers , as brothers we are, we know together as face criminal proceedings and ensure their immediate release. We guarantee solvency in the matter and proportionality in the task; we have a wealth of possible tools and know how to use them to secure the freedom of our procedural godchildren during criminal proceedings .

Liberty is a legal asset of significant value as we repudiate any coercive measure that threatens the freedom of our procedural charges. Emerges in us, the overriding need for security during the long and tedious process criminal Freedom to our customers thus have bran and how important the first goal in our mission within our performance in the professional criminal matters before a legal dispute which is none other than the freedom of all our procedural godchildren.
How do we do?

The two poles of criminal proceedings.

It's that simple answer to that question. As for the solution of this scheme Legal Conflict we concentrate on what we call the Two Poles of Criminal Procedure. Is that a level of a Criminal Legal Conflict, at the time of serving the customer and project a future solution thereof, must necessarily split the criminal legal dispute in two poles that go parallel with cunning and as quickly within our Professional Labor. Namely, the main Polo is to solve the coercive measure that weighs on our procedural godson immediately, achieving their freedom.

To do this, we have the most distinguished procedural tools such as Prisoner releases, Morigeraciones to preventive detention or alternatives to detention when she was not dictated Exemption imprisonment in cases that may be at risk of future arrest Arrests Residential, with Labor outputs, Conditional Liberties, Transitional outputs, Liberties Assisted in term of Conditional Freedoms for defeating the Reasonable period of custody, and many others.

Finally, we have countless and countless institutes that allow us to access quickly and agile Freedom of our sponsored. Obviously , all working in parallel Polo two, no less important, namely, Procedural Status of our Customer within the Criminal Procedure.

As a result, while we focus relentlessly on the pole one to get the Immediate Freedom, successively or simultaneously work hard in the Polo two is to achieve close the criminal proceedings hanging over our assisted, either achieving its adjudicate being in the stage of criminal prosecutions or absolute acquittal for the case where the criminal matter is present to us in the stage of oral debate.