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Criminal Law Firm

Freedom is the most sacred after the life of a human being legal right, and within the fundamental and constitutional rights do we ensure prevail above all the freedom of our client during the arduous and lengthy criminal proceedings.
Therefore we guarantee the use of all necessary means designed to achieve their freedom.

Criminal Defense Attorney

We represent the interests of our clients, from defense and from as plaintiff or injured party .

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Our Services

Meet all the services we provide, to advice and help with any problems you have.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to prevent the helplessness of the people in the presence of coarse glove criminal law.
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Cristian De Fazio
De Fazio.

My name is Cristian Emilio De Fazio, bachelor, 25, Lawyer graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) in the Special Guidance on Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure, with an average addition than 8. I own intermediate certificate issued by the UBA with a Bachelor of law. I work as Assistant Chair ex - Baigún, currently Luis Fernando Niño in the art elements Penal and Criminal Procedure Law, from the Year 2006 (5 years old). .

I work within the legal De Fazio study from the year 2006, performing various tasks such assistance Oral Trials, Development of all kinds of documents, and law Criminal Law.

I have also participated on several occasions in Civil Mediation and Conciliation Labor. In my entire dedication Current passes through the Dogmatic Penal and Criminal Procedure and Criminology.

I also participated as Assistant in the "First University Congress on Safety and Rule of Law" held at the Faculty of Law - University of Buenos Aires (UBA) during the year 2006, and as organizer of "I Federal Congress Criminal justice "held at the Faculty of law - University of Buenos Aires (UBA), during the year 2007, among other attractions. Finally, I have the honor to be a member of APP (Association of Criminal Thinking) from Year 2007.