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Penal Law Firm

With years of experience and commitment to the defense of our clients, the Estudio Jurídico Penal De Fazio works with a permanent professional commitment and providing all the attention that our clients deserve. We have a team of leading lawyers to defend your case.

Criminal Defense Attorney

We represent the interests of our clients, from defense and from as plaintiff or injured party .

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Our Services

Meet all the services we provide, to advice and help with any problems you have.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to prevent the helplessness of the people in the presence of coarse glove criminal law.
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Frequently asked Questions

What is a Criminal Defense Attorney?

It is a professional, specializing in Criminal Matters, Criminal Procedure and Criminology. If you are linked to a criminal process, or need to promote a criminal complaint or grievance, your best choice is to consult a specialist in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Advocate. The truth is that in the Professional Practice, many lawyers practicing in the Matricula different areas of law, but we believe that criminal law, being unique and different from the rest of Legal branches should only be exercised by Professionals Specializing in Criminal Matters .

Do you make customer visits detainees in police stations or in prison units?

The Legal De Fazio, Studio is in constant contact with their customers by offering a communication service 24 hours. the day as well as regular visits in police stations and prison units, in order to inform customers about the current status of the case, providing the necessary security that such a situation warrants.

Does the care is provided under the same terms during JUDICIAL FAIRS January and July?

The Legal De Fazio, Studio is available, absolute, throughout the year, attending and solving their problems, also during FAIR TRADE SHOWS.

Since that time involved in Criminal Case?

It acts as private lawyers, at any stage and level of criminal proceedings.

What "Criminal Indictment" mean?

If you are notified by any means, it is accused in a criminal case, it means that is pursued by the State through criminal prosecution for allegedly committing a crime. Your best bet is to consult a lawyer Particular confidence.

What are the rights of the accused?

The first fundamental right enshrined in the Constitution of the Nation, is the treatment of the accused as if that was INNOCENT. Another right, fundamental and derived from the above, is the right to FREEDOM AMBULATORY. We as Private Lawyers, we struggle at all times by their innocence, exercising its right main, which is the LAW OF DEFENSE IN COURT.

What are the rights of the Victim?

Notwithstanding that the state has expropriated the conflict of victims, it is entitled to claim at trial, and to constitute as an individual victim or complainant, following the work of the Prosecutor in order to enforce their rights and ultimately to compensate the damage suffered.

Legal persons may be criminally prosecuted?

Although, at present can not be held criminally legal persons, the fact is that attempts in this direction are not a minor detail, especially ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES. Consult your Private Lawyer for rapid decoupling of criminal proceedings against their Legal Entity.

¿Originally criminal proceedings, the final level is the TRIAL?

It is not always the best option to reach an oral debate. The Legal De Fazio, Studio arbitrates means necessary to stop the investigation against him ASAP. There are also alternative ways, such as mediation, the Avenimiento, Suspension of Judgment Proof (Probation), the Short Judgment, or Brevisimo Trial, which carry a quicker solution to their problems.

What does Remand?

Preventive detention is a precautionary measure, which falls on the accused whose purpose is to ensure the establishment of the truth, and law enforcement. That you are on remand, does not mean that it is irrevocable. The Legal Study De Fazio, besides working on the fullness of the cause, parallel working towards being guaranteed FREEDOM IN CRIMINAL PROSECUTION.

Do you only engage in criminal law?

The Legal De Fazio, Studio specializes in criminal matters, but does not neglect the intervention in other types of processes. Therefore, we proclaim as Integral Law Firm, assisting in any process Civil (mediation), Commercial, Labor (Reconciliations), Family and Inheritance, Contracts, Administrative, Tax, International and Criminal counting with different professionals tuition our Law Firm Associates.

How are the interviews?

The law firm De Fazio is proposed as crucial goal in the interview succeed in creating customer wholeness such that there are no loose cracks and set a custom link that rises from communication and personal dialogue to communicate via text message, mail and also power in every interview with evacuating all of their concerns professionally under the legal dispute that encourages customer consultation. It is our duty to prioritize the personalized customer service, namely, every customer is the center of the sphere of work and complete dedication of the law firm focuses in order to solve each and every one of the problems that arise.

Customize the interviews is to make every customer know that enters our law firm can rest easy and achieve ignore this issue, relying on the work of the professionals who are at the forefront of the profession of our profession Excellency, including prioritizing customer engagement who quietly you can attend in isolation or accompanied each of the areas where our professional work develops.

It is precisely the central goal we want our law firm clients can customize their interviews with professionals, accompanying them in the halls of the courts, the tables of inputs hearings visu, oral trials, and even more we can gain access to the members of the Justice understand the causes are present in each jurisdiction for the purposes of a personalized, comprehensive care because that is our mission, integrate customer to our network of professionals to feel one more of our great mission is to achieve a speedy resolution of the legal dispute.