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Penal Law Firm

With years of experience and commitment to the defense of our clients, the Estudio Jurídico Penal De Fazio works with a permanent professional commitment and providing all the attention that our clients deserve. We have a team of leading lawyers to defend your case.

Criminal Defense Attorney

We represent the interests of our clients, from defense and from as plaintiff or injured party .

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Our Services

Meet all the services we provide, to advice and help with any problems you have.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to prevent the helplessness of the people in the presence of coarse glove criminal law.
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Areas of Practice

Province of Buenos Aires
- Courts De Lomas De Zamora / Federal Courts.
- Pole Avellaneda ( Decentralization De Lomas De Zamora).
- Courts Of Quilmes.
- Courts De La Plata.
- Juzgados De San Martín.
- Juzgados De La Matanza y San Justo.
- Juzgados De San Isidro.
- Juzgados De Morón.
- Juzgados De Mercedes.
- Criminal Appeal Camara De La Plata.
- Supreme Court of Buenos Aires.
Capital Federal
- Courts of instruction, and correction, and oral courts in the nation.
- Trial courts and corrections, and federal courts of Comodoro Py oral.
- Criminal Cassation Chamber of the Nation.
- Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation .
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
- Fueros Misdemeanors: prosecutors and courts misdemeanors: neighborhood problems, contraventions.
- Juzgados fault.
Process Steps
- Instruction
- Oral Debate
- Execution Of Doom.
Abogado Penalista Lomas de Zamora

De Fazio Hnos Studio

Estudio Jurídico Penal De Fazio.

Freedom: We know it is the holiest after the life of a human being legal asset, and within the fundamental and constitutional rights we ensure to prevail above all Freedom of the client during the arduous and lengthy criminal proceedings.

First of all, we know that our work premium while to address a technical defense in criminal proceedings is to achieve maximum improvement of the legal situation currently involved our client if required while our Professional Legal Service.

Therefore, and since in most cases the Legal Liberty is good that affects our procedural godson in criminal proceedings which he is charged, is that warrant the use of all necessary means designed to achieve their freedom.

In the Estudio Jurídico Penal Fazio as lawyers, ethics and professionalism, we work to uphold the right to freedom of customers who come to us. We know that respect for the law and the Constitution are the guarantee of peace and progress of society. That is the reason to stay in the Criminal Law and our success.

Since our inception in criminal law until now we have changed with the times, we implement new technologies to daily work, we incorporate structure, we constantly train to face new challenges. But in De Fazio keep alive the tradition of relationship with all our customers.

It is our duty to prioritize the personalized customer care, namely, every customer is the center of the sphere of work and complete dedication of the law firm focuses in order to solve each and every one of the problematic raised.

We believe in lasting relationships. Not only do we provide professional service; we also offer an unconditional customer support, entendiendolom knowing him and accompanying him in bad times .