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Criminal Law Firm

Freedom is the most sacred after the life of a human being legal right, and within the fundamental and constitutional rights do we ensure prevail above all the freedom of our client during the arduous and lengthy criminal proceedings.
Therefore we guarantee the use of all necessary means designed to achieve their freedom.

Criminal Defense Attorney

We represent the interests of our clients, from defense and from as plaintiff or injured party .

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Our Services

Meet all the services we provide, to advice and help with any problems you have.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to prevent the helplessness of the people in the presence of coarse glove criminal law.
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Our Mission

Ethics, suitability, completeness of service, openness to change, solutions to arising legal disputes:

We settle for achieving greater variety of openings to the change in the legal dispute before us in our survey, once we receive the consultation us deal to penetrate to the depths of the legal issue that occupies us, so thereby providing the customer achieve a range of possible solutions and recommend from the law the most appropriate, in order to cope with the conflict that arises in the survey legal.

It is that this is our mission and no other, to be able to achieve through work experience and work within the dogmatic and legal practice thus providing all the answers to the many questions facing us. We emphasize in our work ethics, appropriateness and completeness in the legal service that we requested, that because these securities carry themselves a set of circumstances that make our task and pouring on the client to be quiet He deserves a permanent and constant attention to the legal conflict that happens.

Only when all these values ??are combined, and are based on the basic roots of the beginning of the road it is when the Legal De Fazio study begins to settle the lawsuit.
Estudio Jurídico Penal De Fazio.
Because we are professionals postulate it is that the products with our clients thereby opening the possibility of agreeing interviews, discuss possible solutions, discuss together the topics to study.
Because the customer is one of the team at the time of the alleged solution of the problems that we are required to solve, with the active participation that we give to it, provided he so desires, can not only participate in oral hearings with our team and the tribunalicio professional level, but also assist the judiciary as a whole lies the origin of the legal dispute, to multiple variables such as attendance at oral trials, hearings in the Courts of Appeals and interviews with court staff all to emphasize transparency in our work and the possibility that those who require our services can if deemed appropriate to evaluate from its orbit our professional legal work and have free access to justice that every Argentine citizen her competence, power, provided that deemed necessary, access to the maximum link Justice to understand and address the legal conflict is presented.